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The strap is an essential part of your timepiece. It makes a big difference in how your watch looks, how it feels on your wrist and how it completes your outfit.

All of our watch bands are interchangeable and can be easily swapped. Our carefully selected assortment of straps allows you to change the look of your watch depending on your style, mood and personal preference. With a wide range of playful NATO straps and elegant leather straps to choose from, you will find a unique timepiece for every day of the week, no matter the occasion. Find out how to change the strap of your Asorock watch in the videos below.


1. Position a flathead screwdriver, or any adjustment tool, into the slot on the clasp.
Lift the bar with the tool facing towards the tall end of the strap to release the clasp.  
2. Shift the clasp into desired position.
The clasp can also be engaged beyond the indentations provided.
3. Press the bar down into position to lock the clasp. 
4. To secure the strap upon wearing, always ensure the hook is over the pin.
Snap the flat clasp closed, the close the security clasp. 

When wearing the nato strap, any excess on the tail end can be tucked into the strap keeper by folding the end of the strap back. 

How to change Quick-Release Leather Strap?

To engage the strap, simply engage one side of the quick release pin. [Second image]
Pull the quick release knob in the direction [First image] of the arrow and engage the other end onto the watch. 

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