Homemage Vs. Replica Watches: Is It Legal And Ok To Buy A Homage Watch?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by watch enthusiasts is about Homage watches and Replica watches. If you are new to watching collecting, you've heard this word before and may be confused about what it means. Since the dawn of time, the world has seen new watches every year; some stand out for their quality, design, and ingenuity. What about homage or replica? You may wonder if it is worth the money. Or if you should even consider buying one. In this article, I'll explain what homage watches are, whether it is illegal to buy them, and if it's ok to buy replicas.

Homage watch from Asorock Watches


Homage vs. Replica Watches – What's the Difference?

Homemage vs. Replica watches has been a topic of debate for a long time among watch fans and people who don't follow watch news and want to know the simple answer. Horologists can't agree on whether Rolex, Breitling, Omega, or Tag Heuer is the best watch company in the world right now. Homemade watches or fake ones? This article will try to end this debate by presenting facts and arguments in a fair and unbiased way that should satisfy both watch fans and people who want to know if they should buy Homemage or Replica watches. Many people won't be able to tell the difference between an homage watch and a copy. Some people might even look down on you if you wear an homage watch and call it a replica.

As previously said, a homage watch is a watch that incorporates one or more design features of an already existing watch into a new product.

However, what happens when a watch copies practically all of the critical design elements of another watch but bears an original brand?

Replica watches are counterfeit products that try to frame themselves as genuine watch they are imitating and are entirely illegal.

On the other hand, an homage watch might have the same design as an existing watch, but it will always change its logo so as not to try to present itself as "the real thing."  

Let's take, for example, the Steinhart Ocean 39. It is an obvious and overt homage to the Rolex Submariner. The primary design components remain primarily retained. The watch does change a few design elements from the Rolex Submariner, like coming in at 39mm in diameter, which Rolex has never done before, and a glossy ceramic bezel without engraved markings. However, the watch is marketed as a Steinhart timepiece. It does not intend to mislead the purchaser into believing it is a Rolex. Therefore, it is not a replica. It is just an homage.

Are Homage Watches Legal?

Surprisingly, Homage watches are commonly seen as legal. As in numerous businesses, it comes down to specifics. It is somewhat of a legal gray area, with these 'homage' brands appearing to remain just within the law, presumably due to slight modifications, such as the apparent logo change and minuscule (sometimes microscopic) modifications to specific components.

Asorock Homage Watch. Are they Legal?

Even though they appear similar on the exterior, many of these inexpensive homage watches are equipped with different, less expensive movements than the watches on which they are based, necessitating a slightly different internal architecture.

The Cons of Homage Watches

The general market tends to like homage watches. Just look at how huge some brands focus on making homage watches. But they are still hesitant or even critical of homage watches.

The most common criticism that people have against homage watches are the following:

  • Unoriginal design 
  • Part of the fascination of watch collecting for some is the aspiration for something new and creative. However, very few watches are entirely original these days. Many, even high-end luxury watches, have often derived some inspiration from other watches. 
  • Having to explain that your watch is not the watch it looks like.
  • Since homage watches often copy or use design elements from some of the most popular and well-known watches, they can sometimes be confused for the watch they are homaging from afar. 
  • Homage watches are the same as fake watches (not accurate, as we have sorted out)
  • Homage look like fake watches (if anything, people may believe it is a genuine watch from afar, but if they get closer or even ask you about it, you’ll be able to explain that it is not a fake watch but an homage watch from a different brand)
  • They have ”stolen” an iconic design (true to some extent, but watch brands borrow designs all the time, including the most prestigious brands)

Advantages of Homage Watches

Alternatives to pricey watches at a lower cost

People select homage watches mainly due to their affordability. As previously stated, gaining access to your favorite luxury watch designs is cost-effective. For the vast majority of individuals, pricey luxury timepieces remain inaccessible. Consequently, the solution to this problem is to get an homage watch with a similar design but at a more reasonable price.

Another advantage is that tribute watches are far less expensive, so you need not worry too much about wearing a pricey watch on your wrist. You do not need to be as cautious or shed a tear if you accidentally scratch or damage it.

Some homages, such as the Asorock transporter, do a fantastic job drawing inspiration from another watch while incorporating their flair and design aspects. The transporter exemplifies this. While its design is traceable to the Patek Philippe, its bezel, dial, and all-polished geometric casing are enough to set it apart from its inspirations significantly.

Should You Buy a Homage Watch?

Overall, whether you want to buy a homage watch will depend on a few things.

Are you comfortable with owning a watch that is partly or primarily based on the design of another?

Regardless, anyone considering buying an homage watch should research their potential homage watch closely to at least understand the watch/watches that the watch is homaging. It would help if you also came to an understanding. It will enhance your understanding and appreciation of both clocks.

Homage Watches

Parnis Daytona, Casio MDV, Invicta 1953, and Dan Henry 1964 are a section of my homage collection.

Affordable Homage Watch Brands

(Asorock models below)

-          Transporter

-          Mansa series

-          Goddess

-          Tubili

-          Smartwatch case

Asorock Watch

Since they frequently copy previously popular and attractive styles, they are usually well-designed and attractive.


Spend less. Not everyone, including me, can afford to spend enormous quantities of money on an assortment of expensive watches. Occasionally, the homage can satisfy the need for the watch it is honoring.

Final Verdict

The final fact is that an homage watch is entirely legal and an excellent option for those who admire a particular luxury watch design but cannot afford it or do not want to purchase one. A luxury watch costing thousands of dollars will be of a different quality than a tribute watch costing a few hundred dollars.

Therefore, should you get an homage watch? It comes down to individual preference.

Occasionally, homage watches are met with excessive hatred, but most individuals have no objections to them. As some still believe, despite their tremendous popularity, they are not identical to a fake watch.

Asorock Watches

An homage watch can be an excellent way to buy a watch with a design that you love but is simply unattainable because of its price or because you don't feel comfortable wearing an expensive watch. While there are poor-quality homage watches, there is an even more incredible selection of homage watches with excellent quality that offer exceptional value for money. If you decide to buy an homage watch, do your research and get your money's worth.

If you enjoy an homage watch, you should buy one.

Homage watches are any timepiece that draws inspiration from another timepiece. Not to be confused with replica watches, which employ the same style and logo as an authentic watch and attempt to pass themselves off as genuine article despite being counterfeit.

A homage watch will always have its logo and will never be a replica of the original but will instead draw inspiration from it. Asorock Homage watches are a terrific opportunity to sample a luxury watch style on a budget, as they are often considerably less expensive than their original counterparts. It is because many brand owners design watches based on a vintage style.




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