How To Choose A Watch That Suits You? 5 things to look out for

How To Choose A Watch That Suits You?

Whether you’re a man or a woman, we all have different taste in fashion. Wearing a watch would also add up to the whole impact of your outfit. So, how do you really choose a watch that suits you? What are the things you should consider before you buy that watch? Read on to know more.

For the people who are watch lovers, you all definitely know what your basis is before you buy a watch. However, this article will still help you to have more ideas on what are the things to consider before you buy a watch.

With that being said, below are the five things worth knowing before you buy a watch that suits you. 

  1. Budget. There are a lot of watches that would definitely fit everyone’s budget. We just thought this should be the first thing anyone should consider and the other factors will follow.
  2. Size. Another thing that anyone should ponder before getting a watch is of course its “size”. No one would actually want to look at anyone wearing a watch that doesn’t fit them right. According to, women have a standard watch case measuring 26-29mm and mini watches are typically 23-25mm in diameter. For men, the average watch is 37-39mm and a sports watch is 40-42mm and oversized watches measure 45mm and up. However, men and women have different wrist sizes. here at asorock watches, we have sizes for every arm.
  3. Color. This one is pretty self explanatory. Since people have different taste in fashion, of course people also think of what is the color that would best fit their outfit.
  4. Type. Another important thing that anyone should keep in mind when choosing their watch is the type. According to, there are eleven types of watches. The chronograph watch, dive watch, military watch, pilot watch, digital watch, watches for nurses, luxury watch, dress watch, and triathlon watch. We know this may be a lot but this list really depends on a person’s wants and needs.
  5. Material. This might be the most important thing to consider when buying a watch. You already have a budget in mind, size, color, and type but if the material is bad, it is definitely not worth every penny. One should always do his or her research as well on where it is made from, the strap and all. Again, we all have different wants and needs however, there is nothing wrong in spending a little time to research the material of the specific brand you are eyeing to purchase that watch from.

So, you’ve already read about the five things worth knowing before you buy a watch that suits you. Have you already thought of which brand to purchase from? Asorock Watches indeed have these five things that we have just mentioned. 

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