As  jewelry fanatics and noticing the unfair markup on custom pieces, we decided to take matters into our own hands and craft premium custom pieces at fair affordable prices without the exorbitant markup on traditional pieces. Which was the same goal that drove us into starting our luxury wristwatch line.

Thus we are happy to announce we now provide custom jewelry making services. From chains to rings to anything your imagination thinks of we will bring your ideas to life. 

From simple rings to iced out moissanite VVs diamond pendants, our team of expert jewelers here at Asorock Customs can create anything your mind can imagine.

Read on below to see how it works and simply provide us with the information and we will send you a quote for your custom jewelry piece and artwork to confirm.

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Our team is made up of the most skilled hands in the custom jewelry industry. We pride ourselves in finding the best jewelers and aim to be a leading name in the custom jewelry industry and we can only do that with superb craftsmanship and our teams talent. 


We know first hand that quality matters. Thus all our products only use the finest materials. The gold, platinum and diamonds that we use in crafting our pieces are all required to meet and exceed the high quality we aim to be known for.


Simply Provide us with the information below and we'll send you a quote for your custom jewelry piece. Please be prepared to include as many details as you can in your inquiry below such as:

  • What would you like us to custom make for you?
  • Do you want your custom made jewelry iced out with diamonds? If so, where would you like the diamonds?
  • What types of diamonds would you like to use?
  • Desired size, specific dimensions, height, width or length?
  • Can you provide any helpful design pictures of the custom jewelry you want made?