What are VVS diamonds? Are VVs diamonds good?

vvs diamonds


What are VVS diamonds?

VVS diamonds are the most popular diamond grade. They are also known as internally flawless and very, very slightly included. The VVS diamond is a high-quality diamond that's extremely rare and hard to find.

If you're looking for a VVS diamond, you should know that they're not just run-of-the-mill diamonds. They are top-of-the-line, and if you want to get a great deal on one, you need to know what makes them unique.

The first thing that sets VVS diamonds apart from other diamonds is their color. They have an excellent color grade of "D" or higher on the grading scale. This means they are almost entirely colorless but still have hints of yellow or brown tints. Most people can't even tell there's anything wrong with the color when they look at it!

Another thing that makes VVS diamonds unique is their clarity grade: IF-VVS1 or higher on the grading scale means no visible inclusions (or only very minor ones).

VVS Diamond Clarity Grading Scale

Diamond clarity grading is a system used to grade the number of flaws in a diamond. The clarity grading scale ranges from FL (flawless) to SI2 (a slight inclusion). The higher the number on the grading scale, the better your diamond will be.

The VVS diamond clarity grading scale measures diamonds with inclusions visible under 10x magnification. In other words, if you can see them without magnification, they're not on this scale! This means that if you want to purchase a diamond with some imperfections but still want it to look beautiful and sparkle like crazy, this is the right choice.

Are VVS diamonds good?

Yes! They're great! Like any other diamond, they can be cut into any shape and size and set in any jewelry setting you like. That said, if you want the best value for your money, it's best to go for a GIA-certified VVS diamond—it'll look just as good as any other diamond but will be less expensive than one that hasn't been certified by an independent lab.


Is VVS Diamond Real?

The four Cs of diamonds—cut, clarity, color, and carat weight—are presumably familiar to you. The term "VS" refers to a diamond's clarity and is entirely authentic. A diamond with a VVS clarity grade is just very, very slightly included. This merely confirms that VVS diamonds are genuine.
Inclusions are defects that naturally exist in 99.5% of diamonds and lower the stone's value. VVS diamonds are costly and uncommon.

 Here's a closer look at a diamond's clarity.


VVS diamonds are excellent for your engagement ring if you want a high-quality diamond.

VVS diamonds are excellent for your engagement ring if you want a high-quality diamond. VVS diamonds are graded on their clarity, color, and cut. This means that when you choose a VVS diamond, you know that it has been inspected for inclusions and flaws; it will be clean and clear, with no visible imperfections; and it will have been cut to reflect light in a way that makes it sparkle beautifully.

These are the diamonds to look for if you're looking for an engagement ring that will last you a lifetime.

Is VVS Diamonds a good investment?

Yes! Even though these two grades are listed below perfectly, only Asorock Diamond experts with magnification tools will be able to distinguish between them. VVS diamonds appear flawless to the human eye. However, their price is far lower than that of a genuine flawless diamond. This means that clients who purchase VVS diamonds will receive the appearance of a flawless stone without the hefty price tag. In addition, perfect diamonds are extremely rare, so even if you can afford this grade, you may be unable to locate a flawless stone that satisfies your carat, color, and cut specifications. Because of this, VVS diamonds are the most popular option for buyers seeking a visibly flawless diamond.

Not only are VVS diamonds stunning, but they are also a wise investment. The value of diamonds with a clarity grade of VVS2 or better will likely increase rapidly over time. Still, the value of diamonds with a lower clarity grade will likely increase slower.


You should consult a professional specializing in locating VVS diamonds Like Asorock. Finding a stunning gem in this way may enhance the beauty of any jewelry item.

vvs diamonds

VVS diamonds may be more expensive, but their superior clarity and color make them worth the investment. In addition, their rarity means they will cost more than more plentiful alternatives.

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